How To Effectively Market & List Property For Rent In Phenix City, AL

How To Effectively Market & List Property For Rent In Phenix City, AL

When you list property for rent, you need to have a solid marketing and advertising plan. No matter how great your property is you won't have applicants if no one knows it exists.

Hiring a good property management company in Phenix City, AL will help get you good tenants and many interested parties applying.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully list property for rent in AL.

Make High-Quality Listings

Creating rental ads is one of the most important parts of listing a property for rent. It attracts applicants or chases them away. You want people to be drawn in by the ads so they come and look at the property. 

Ads should also make your property stand out from the competition. The majority of people searching for a property will look online. Your ads have to separate you from all the other listings they'll see.

Clear Descriptions

The key to making a good description is mentioning any valuable assets your property has. When researching, people will look up the criteria they want. You want the people looking for what you offer to find you.

If your property has two bedrooms, mention it in the description. The same goes for the number of bathrooms, storage, parking options, and any other benefits you offer. 

Appealing Pictures or Video

The best way to showcase the appeal of your property is to put pictures and videos online. People respond better to images than they do to text.

Let applicants take a virtual tour through the space. Make sure everything looks organized and is well-lit.

Provide Lease Information

Be upfront about rent, pet policies, additional fees, and anything else an applicant might consider relevant. This prevents you from wasting their time and vice versa.

Use Local Advertising

There are 44.1 million rented households in America. This is a huge market. By making high-quality listings and using them in tandem with local advertising opportunities, you open yourself up to this growing market.


You will have to pay in order to place your ads in a local paper, but it's usually worth it. Remember that most newspapers are available online so your ads will show up in internet searches.

Real Estate Portals

Many cities have a local real estate portal. One benefit of using something local is that it tends to attract serious applicants. You have the same advantages of posting on a site like Craigslist, but with lower scam ratios.

List Property for Rent Today

Renting out a property you own is difficult. When you're just starting out you need as many property management tips as you can get. There are so many unknowns and it's hard to find the perfect tenants.

Hiring property management services can help you solve a lot of problems. They know the best ways to advertise for your area. They've already helped many clients and know what works. You can benefit from their experience.

For more information about how to list property for rent, contact us. Our trained professionals would be happy to discuss your best options.