Property Management Services in Columbus, GA

Property Management Services in Columbus, GA

If you are a real estate investor or landlord, you need to understand property management services. When properly utilized, these companies can take a lot of the mundane tasks away from you.

Imagine how much further you could take your property if you only had the time. You need to delegate the run-of-the-mill jobs. This will give you more time to improve your investment in other ways.

Find out the different types of services you can expect a property management service to handle.

Property Management Services

Most property managers have heard of full-service property management. In case you haven't, property management services are companies that you can hire to help you manage rental properties.

There are many reasons someone should hire a property manager. They are qualified professionals who you can trust with technical assignments. 

You may hand off these tasks because you are too busy to do them yourself or you're not comfortable doing them. These are a few of the services property managers will handle for you.

Handling Tenants

No one likes dealing with tenants. Screening them is stressful and if you make a mistake you end up having to handle a messy eviction. Collecting rent and other duties can be handled by property management.


This is when you'd perform credit and background checks. Most landlords also look for employment.

The reason screening is so important is because you want to make sure they can afford rent. This protects you from having to deal with the hassle of eviction.

Depending on the state, there are other things you should screen for. Some examples are credit score, eviction history, and a criminal record.


An important part of having a successful rental property is marketing. You have to make sure people know you exist, otherwise, they'll go with your competition.

Unless you have experience, marketing is too important and complex to manage yourself.


No landlord wants to evict a tenant. It's a heartbreaking, but necessary aspect of owning property. 

First of all, this showcases the importance of screening potential tenants. In a perfect world, eviction wouldn't be an issue. Your screening would catch any problems before accepting or rejecting a tenant.

However, even if screening is done properly, situations change. People lose their jobs or unexpected charges come up. Any matter of financial problems can change a tenant's circumstances.

When that happens, wouldn't it be better to have someone else handle the situation? Not just some employees but an experienced professional who will make the process as smooth as possible should handle it.

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If you're located in the Columbus, GA area, we'd love to help you manage your rental property. We provide so many services that are necessary for property management.

We do everything from marketing to rent collection and so much more. All of those tedious tasks that landlords don't want to do, we take care of.

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